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Could your business benefit from virtual receptionist services? Would you like to stand out from your competitors? Taking advantage of Netcall Solutions and their call handling solutions will take your business to the next level. Avoid missed and mishandled calls from your important clients and potential new leads by calling free phone 0800 840 4111 today!

Why a virtual receptionist service can be instrumental in your business

One of our most popular virtual receptionist service options is the Frequent User Service which consists of the following:

Calls from 55p per call based on per second billing

High volume, basic message taking

Optional call transfer

24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

Free email sent and optional SMS/text to notify you of messages

All calls answered from a UK office

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In today’s fast-paced working world you need to be available at the demands of your customer to take the lead in the competition. Our virtual receptionist services provide an effective solution to help your business excel in your industry. What’s more, our live call answering service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – meaning you never miss a call.

As well as day to day support with your work flow our reliable call handling services can support your company in many other ways. These include during emergency response and escalation periods, media response and temporary cover.

How Netcall Solutions works around you to add value to your company

Introducing call handling services to your company gives you support and flexibility. You only need to activate our virtual receptionist services when you require the help from our team. Simply divert the calls to us where our system can handle more than 300 calls per hour, each within 7 seconds of the calls coming through to us.

Additionally, our office is based in Bournemouth, Dorset, so you can be assured that all calls are answered by an experienced team in the UK. Furthermore, all our members of staff are highly trained in virtual receptionist service and will be there to take messages and respond to queries outside office hours too.

Our virtual receptionist service plan is affordable and tailored to you

We offer flexible pricing options for each of our customers, which means you will never pay for a service which you do not use. Moreover, there are no monthly fees and following a simple call handling set-up service we can be managing your calls within 24 hours.

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Discover our fantastic range of virtual receptionist services

Message Taking

First impressions are so important especially when operating a business. So whether you are in a meeting or out of the office, a member of our highly trained team will always ensure your calls are answered. Moreover, our professional manner, combined with our accurate and reliable notification system will make sure you are up to speed with all of your messages.

Overflow call handling

One of the best things about our virtual receptionist services is that we are always there to support you with overflow call handling. During your busiest periods you can count on our team to professionally manage the overflow for you. We give you peace of mind that your clients will always receive a polite and helpful voice at the end of the telephone when contacting your company.

In addition, we have a decade’s worth of experience, so we are best placed to effectively handle your calls and support you in managing new and existing clients. Since first offering our call handling service, we have provided high quality assistance to companies of all sizes and sectors including:

  • Law
  • Estate Agency
  • Digital Marketing
  • Charities
  • Accountancy
  • Freelance and more!

Emergency Response and Escalation

Being able to depend on a team of call handlers and their virtual receptionist service at a time of emergency, can be make or break in the success of your business. What’s more, during times of crisis, we are there to answer calls around the clock. We are particularly experienced in aiding local emergency services teams and healthcare providers. It is our job to effectively prioritise every call they receive and in turn quickly relay the messages accordingly.

Temporary Cover

Here at Netcall Solutions, our affordable virtual receptionist services are available at a moment’s notice. So whether you have a member of staff on holiday, off work sick or away on unplanned leave, we can help. Our short-term call handling packages start at just £2 a day. Therefore, you can employ our temporary cover and enjoy a streamlined workforce without any disruptions or worries about an influx of calls or messages.

Media Response Service

During marketing and advertising campaigns, you will undoubtedly receive a higher number of calls from both the media and prospective clients. We understand the importance of dealing with these inquiries and capturing leads to ensure you gain the best return on your promotional efforts.

From providing quotes to responding to requests for brochures, our virtual receptionist services will spring into action in supporting you. Furthermore, our Quick Address software allows our media response teams to accurately record details from each caller via their postcode. This will save your business and sales team time when they come to analyse the information.

24/7 call handling services

Reasons to choose Netcall Solutions

If you are in need of a reliable and efficient UK based call handling service, Netcall Solutions is the company for the job. The team’s attention to detail, coupled with their commitment to conducting a professional service on your behalf, is second to none.

Furthermore, Netcall Solutions’ flexible virtual receptionist service packages mean they have successfully worked with a multitude of clients in various industries. Below are some testimonials from their e-commerce and legal clients:

“Netcall Solutions have been handling overflow & out of hours calls for our e-commerce business since 2009. Our direct sales line points to Netcall Solutions on a 24 hour basis to take orders and payments. The service has been excellent and the professional approach of the staff has ensured a good level of service to our customers. I would not hesitate in recommending their service.” E-commerce company.

“Everyone at Netcall Solutions is so friendly, it has taken all the pressure off us knowing that our calls are being answered at lightning fast speed and very efficiently. This has improved the whole feel of our business and we would recommend them to everyone.” Property Company.

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If you have any questions about how our virtual receptionist services will enhance your company, check out our most FAQs or call freephone 0800 840 4111 to start your FREE trial today!

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A few reasons why more people are choosing Netcall Solutions to handle their telephone answering needs.

We work 24 / 7 / 365

You have live call answering service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

No Monthly fee to pay

Plus, a quick and simple call handling set-up service… you can be live within 24 hours!

We’re UK based

Highly trained UK based operators will take your messages …no overseas call centres used!

You’re in control

We have flexible call answering plans to suit every budget and you can change it whenever you like

Add on Smarter Virtual Numbers

Have a small business phone number that you have complete control over, for less than 65p per day, using your dashboard, you can route you’re number anywhere, including a virtual receptionist.