Telephone Answering Services

If you require effective methods to handle your incoming calls, we can provide you with a range of telephone answering services. With competitive prices and packages tailored to you, you won’t find a better service than Netcall Solutions.

Telephone Answering Bureau

At Netcall Solutions, we specialise in supplying services to help you handle your incoming calls, letting you focus on growing your business. No matter the size of your business, our telephone answering bureau will have a package to suit your specific needs and requirements. Whether you require a dedicated call handling team or just a bit of extra help for your staff, our services are flexible around your needs.

Our packages are bespoke to you, leaving you in control of when and how you require our help. When you hire us, you’ll find our bureau for telephone calls covers all the bases, regardless of what sector your business falls in to. We will make sure all your calls are answered quickly and handled in a professional manner, as well as assist with enquiries and connect your customers with the correct people.

Benefits of Our Bureau for Telephone Answering Services

There are many fantastic benefits to hiring us to handle your incoming calls. With our services, you can concentrate on growing your business without worrying about calls being dropped or missed. Additionally, a lot of businesses don’t operate a standard 9-5, meaning customer calls need to be answered at any time of day or night. Netcall Solutions telephone answering bureau is open 24/7, 365 days a year, enabling us to answer any incoming call you have, even when you are closed.

Our team can work from bespoke scripts, handle any briefings, product descriptions, and more. The benefits to our services also include:

Dedicated landline and 0800 numbers

Gives the impression of a bigger company

Increased productivity of your staff

Messages relayed via preferred communication method.

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Telephone Answering Service

If you’re receiving an influx of calls and struggling to cope with them, our telephone answering services are ideal. We are the most professional call handling bureau in the UK and can provide a variety of bespoke packages for your company.

Your business will receive countless calls every single day, and if you don’t have time or resources to handle them, customers will be met with busy lines or unanswered calls. When you hire us for a bespoke telephone answering service, we will provide a seamless integration that will ensure your calls are always answered quickly and professionally. Our team will be able to handle everything from product enquiries and setting up appointments, to complaints and quotes.

At Netcall Solutions, we provide five different telephone answering services for our clients, including call overflow and message taking.

Overflow Call Handling

Even larger companies can find themselves struggling with calls during particularly busy periods, which is why we provide an overflow call handling service. Rather than spend money you don’t have on hiring and training staff, you can simply activate your service and all or some of your calls will be redirected to us. You’ll never need to worry about busy phone lines and missed calls again.

Message Taking

Creating a great impression is important to your success, so whether a new customer or existing one, all calls will be received and dealt with in a timely fashion. If these calls are mishandled, your customers could take their business elsewhere or leave negative reviews of your company. This could all lead to far-reaching consequences for your business, which is why our call handlers are trained to take detailed messages on each call.

These messages, including any relevant information, will then be relayed to you promptly via your preferred method of communication, whether SMS, email or fax. Our telephone answering services will allow you to meet your client’s needs, while creating a positive image and focussing on the growth of your business.

Emergency Response And Escalation

For many UK businesses, the usual 9-5 opening hours don’t apply, and even when it does, you could need calls answered after you are closed. In particular, if you’re dealing with emergency calls, you need to be available 24/7, 365 days a year and, with our emergency response and escalation service, you’ll have fully trained operators day and night.

Upon receiving an emergency call, our team will take down the necessary information, prioritise the call, and ensure it is escalated correctly. We serve as first point of contact for callers attempting to contact the fire service, police, ambulance services, and more. In addition, we can provide an out of hour’s telephone answering service for other companies that offer 24 hour callouts, like locksmiths and electricians.

Temporary Cover

Regardless of your company size, it is inevitable that you will need to deal with absences at some point. Whether it is due to sickness, maternity leave or holiday, this could place your call team under unnecessary pressure. At Netcall Solutions, we can provide temporary cover for as little as £2 per day.

Our temporary cover provides the same standard of service as our other packages, so you know your customers are in safe hands. Even if half your team are out of the office, we can ensure your company stays on top of incoming calls.

Media Response

When you start a new advertising campaign, your incoming calls will increase and you’ll need a way to keep up with the sudden influx. Our media response services will ensure that no matter how many calls you have coming in, they are all answered quickly and professionally.

The telephone answering services team will be on hand to deal with everything from information to new quotes. Additionally, we feedback all the public response to your campaign and provide you with accurate addresses thanks to our ‘Quick Address’ software.

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Benefits of Our Telephone Answering Services

No matter the reason for needing our services for telephone answering, you’ll be met with many benefits. Most notably, our services are highly competitively priced when compared to others on the market and you only pay for the services you use. In addition, we can help you avoid missed calls, save time and money and allow call recording.

Avoid Missed Calls

A missed call is a missed sales opportunity, whether it is a new client or an existing customer. In either case, if you miss their call the opportunity may pass you by and your customer could turn to one of your competitors. Not only could you lose their future custom, you also lose a valuable business transaction.

Save Time and Money

Hiring a large in house team to handle your calls can be costly and take up a lot of time, from sustaining such a large team to training them. When you hire our telephone answering bureau, you could save a lot of money and time on training.

Promotes Image of Larger Business

Customers feel safer and gravitate to larger companies that are more well-established. Our telephone answering services promote the idea that your business is larger than it is by providing quick and efficient customer service. This will leave your customers feeling confident in your ability to meet their needs in a professional and reliable way.

Allows Call Recording

Another feature we provide for our clients is call recording. This service allows any and all incoming calls to be recorded and played back at a later date. This is helpful for training purposes and staff appraisals, as well as reducing your liability. If a customer brings a complaint against your company, by detailing their call you will have a complete log of what was said and by whom.

24/7 call handling services

Why Choose Our Telephone Answering Services?

We are widely regarded as one of the most reputable bureaus providing a telephone answering service in the UK. Established in 2007, we have years of experience and many satisfied clients backing us. We always go the extra mile to ensure that you and your customers receive the highest quality service possible.

When you choose Netcall Solutions telephone answering services, you will find there are no monthly fees and no fixed contracts. You only pay for the services you use and, with you in control, you decide when to activate and deactivate your package. We have packages to suit every budget and every business, so you can expect a service tailored to your requirements.

Our company provides a 24/7, 365 days a year service, so no matter what time of day or night, our call handlers are available. You’ll never need to worry about missing a call again. All of our call handlers are UK based and highly trained, so you can feel safe in the knowledge your customers will only ever receive professional, quality telephone answering services. If you are unsure whether our services are right for you, we provide a FREE TRIAL period.

With competitive pricing and bespoke packages, as well as a friendly and professional team, our telephone answering services are the only ones you need. To keep up with the influx of incoming calls, please contact us at Netcall Solutions today on 0800 840 4111.

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A few reasons why more people are choosing Netcall Solutions to handle their telephone answering needs.

We work 24 / 7 / 365

You have live call answering service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

No Monthly fee to pay

Plus, a quick and simple call handling set-up service… you can be live within 24 hours!

We’re UK based

Highly trained UK based operators will take your messages …no overseas call centres used!

You’re in control

We have flexible call answering plans to suit every budget and you can change it whenever you like

Add on Smarter Virtual Numbers

Have a small business phone number that you have complete control over, for less than 65p per day, using your dashboard, you can route you’re number anywhere, including a virtual receptionist.