Telephone Answering Services

Are you the representative of a company that is currently on the market for high-quality telephone answering services to help you keep on top of the increasing call influx? If that accurately describes your current situation, then you have come to the right place. Netcall Solutions has over a decade of experience in offering supremely flexible telephone answering facilities. To find out more about everything that we can offer your company, please keep reading below or call our friendly customer care team on our Freephone line 0800 840 4111. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Our range of telephone answering services

Welcome to Netcall Solutions where we specialise in offering flexible call answering services at affordable prices. We have a solution available for every budget and you can change your service any time you like. With no monthly fees to pay, you will have full control over your service – we are only here to help you manage your incoming calls in the most efficient way possible.

All of our operators are highly trained in the art of phone answering and will be happy to assist you. Regardless of the size of your company or which sector you happen to be working in, we will quickly learn about your business and answer the calls in a professional manner. Your customers will have absolutely no idea that the person answering the phone isn’t actually based in the same building as you.

Established in 2007, we have gone from strength to strength since our founding and are now proud to be considered one of the leading call bureaus in Britain. With a team of highly trained UK-based operators and versatile price packages to choose from, we will be your one stop shop for call answering services.

Please keep reading below to find out more about every service that our team of professionals will be able to assist your company with. To discuss any of them further, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for an informal chat about your requirements.

affordable and reliable message taking services

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Message Taking

First impressions count – this goes for meeting people face to face as well as speaking to a company on the phone. Answering the phone to a new client is therefore a very important process that can make or break the potential business relationship.

Our message taking service ensures that you will never miss an important phone call or business opportunity. Our talented team of operators will represent your company in a professional manner and take down all the important details to pass them onto you.

You can rest assured knowing that all messages will be delivered promptly using your preferred method of contact whether it be fax, e-mail or text message.

Overflow Call Handling

When you enlist the expertise of Netcall Solutions for your overflow call handling, you will be able to direct your focus onto other important tasks while letting professional operators speak to your customers.

Whether you are expecting a temporary influx of phone calls or your team members would simply be better placed with a different kind of task, reach out to our professional team. Divert your phone calls to our modern Dorset-based bureau and we will ensure that you never miss an important opportunity.

Emergency Response and Escalation

Have you been searching for a professional emergency response service that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? Look no further than Netcall Solutions to manage all of your phone calls in accordance with your specific pre-set instructions.

We understand that emergency response call handlers play a vital role for many organisations, both governmental and private, including the police and ambulance service. As the first point of contact for the public, it is therefore vital to prioritise every single call.

Whichever sector your company operates in, you can put your trust in Netcall Solutions. Our specially trained team will guarantee that those important calls that require escalation are passed on without any delay whatsoever.

Temporary Cover for Call Handling

All of our packages are fully bespoke and customised to match the requirements of your company. If one of your employees is going on holiday, taking maternity leave or has suddenly fallen ill, a Netcall Solutions operative will be on standby to help you deal with the incoming calls.

Media Response Service

Is your company about to offer a price cut on one of its popular products? Perhaps you are putting out a brand new advertising campaign. Whenever you are expecting an increase in call volume, our team members are here to assist you.

We will effectively gather the public response to the upcoming promotional campaign and forward the details onto your sales team. Our operators are more than up to the task and will convincingly sound like they work for your company full-time.

How much do our telephone answering services cost?

Here at Netcall Solutions, we engage in fair pricing and we believe our fees to be extremely competitive and market-appropriate, offering excellent value for money. We understand that no two requirements are ever exactly the same, so we are highly flexible when it comes to offering a tailored solution.

Our prices start at only 55p per call and the service can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes a message taking service as well as optional texts to yourself or your sales team regarding potential opportunities.

Why choose Netcall Solutions for your telephone answering services?

With more than a decade of experience as a leading provider of telephone answering services, Netcall Solutions has built up an enviable reputation and a loyal client base. We are happy to say that we have received a significant amount of new work through referrals and recommendations, which speaks to the effectiveness of our approach.

We will be able to build a tailored package for a company of any size. From small start-ups with only a few employees to large corporations requiring assistance due to an upcoming promotional campaign, we are here to help. Our team is guaranteed to get you some truly exceptional results and ensure that no opportunity is ever missed due to unattended or overwhelmed phone lines.

We started using Netcall Solutions when one of our branches required holiday cover over the Christmas holidays. We found that the service provided was not only very efficient, but it also meant that no client call was ever missed. As many of our clients enjoy the personal touch of speaking with an individual rather than answerphone, we have now set up a call divert service with all our regions, so that we never miss any of our client calls. Netcall Solutions has become an integral part of us providing professional, friendly and reliable customer service to all our clients.” –Michelle, Customer Testimonial

Netcall Solutions is here to offer you whichever specific service your company needs at the moment. We have provided our top quality call solutions to commercial customers all over Britain and we look forward to working with your business. As demonstrated by the testimonial quoted above, we will be able to bring real value to your company through a high-quality service and great attention to detail, all offered at affordable prices.

As you will be able to tell based on the preceding information, there is only one call bureau that truly stands out from all the companies offering telephone answering services and that is Netcall Solutions. Should you have any more questions about any of our solutions or you are interested in setting up a free trial, please don’t hesitate to reach out using one of the contact methods outlined below.

A few reasons why more people are choosing Netcall Solutions to handle their telephone answering needs.

We work 24 / 7 / 365

You have live call answering service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

No Monthly fee to pay

Plus, a quick and simple call handling set-up service… you can be live within 24 hours!

We’re UK based

Highly trained UK based operators will take your messages …no overseas call centres used!

You’re in control

We have flexible call answering plans to suit every budget and you can change it whenever you like

Add on Smarter Virtual Numbers

Have a small business phone number that you have complete control over, for less than 65p per day, using your dashboard, you can route you’re number anywhere, including a virtual receptionist.