We have been providing a first class telephone answering service to business customers right across the UK. Bringing real value to their organisations by providing them with a wide range of competitively priced and reliable 24 hour call handling services that include emergency response and escalation, media response, message taking, overflow call handling, and temporary cover.

24-hour call answering services

Overflow Call Handling

Our overflow call handling solutions empower busy business people to focus on what they do best by automatically diverting their incoming phone calls to our team of experienced, UK based call handlers.

competitively priced Message Taking services

Message Taking

We provide affordable and reliable message taking services for business organisations, large and small, in a wide range of industries and sectors, from our modern call bureau here in Dorset.

affordable and reliable message taking services

Temporary Cover

If you or an employee goes on holiday, maternity leave, a leave of absence, or even takes the odd day off, there is no need to stress about the remaining team being unable to cope.

Netcall Solutions

Media Response Solutions

If you are about to commence a new advertising campaign, there is a high chance you will need some extra people to take the increased influx of calls.

Netcall Solutions

Emergency Response & Escalation

If you’re looking for a professional 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency response service, then look no further than Netcall Solutions, the UK’s leading provider.