Media Response Solutions

At Netcall Solutions, we specialise in offering bespoke services to companies looking to manage their new and existing customers effectively. We are one of the finest media response service providers and can work with businesses from all sectors such as IT, finance and solicitors, as well as retail and Healthcare. Our media response solutions encompass media response services, media response solutions and Netcall telephone solutions.

Media Response Services

Media response services from us have been built from the ground up and enable small, mid-sized and large companies to cope with a sudden influx of calls. If you’re promoting a service or product, the last thing you want is the influx of calls to go unanswered due to lack of personnel. When this occurs, you simply need to activate your service and all your calls will be rerouted to our media team.

With our media response solutions, customers will receive a polite and quick response while your staff remain unstressed from the extra volume of calls. We recognise that customer feedback is not only important to a current promotional campaign, but any future campaigns too. This is why we’ll supply you with all pertinent information relating to public response and our ‘Quick Address’ software means you have up to date details for every customer.

When you call us in regard to our services, we meet with you to better understand your specific requirements. We can tailor our media response services to your specifications and your budget. The prices we provide our clients are the most competitive in the industry, with no monthly fees. Better still, you are in complete control of your package and when your calls are diverted.

Media Response Solutions

A successful business is one that finds new ways to interact with existing customers, while also bringing in new clientele. This will lead to an increased volume of calls being directed to your company which is why we provide media response solutions to help your staff deal with the influx. If you are expecting an increase in the volume of calls, you will need our services for call handling.

When you contact Netcall Solutions to help handle your call volume, we will meet with you to further discuss your exact requirements. This is so we can tailor media response solutions to your company and know all the relevant information to better serve your customers when they call.

From handling new quotes to answering questions about your current promotion, our call handlers will ensure your business can cope with extra calls and continue providing quality service. Our UK based call handlers are available 24/7, 365 days a year, so we’re always on hand to help your company and, when you choose us, you decide when and how we answer.

We know that customer feedback and relationship is all important to the success of your company, which is why we ensure you receive steady feedback. All the information we gather will be sent directly to you so you can decide how to move forward. So you never have to worry about human error and never miss out on a sales opportunity, as our media response services provide a ‘Quick Address’ software.

There are many benefits to using our media response solutions, most notably being highly cost effective. Our packages are tailored to your specific needs and budget, ensuring there’s a solution for you and you won’t be paying for a service you don’t use. Additionally, there are no monthly fees and you will always be in charge of your package.

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Netcall Telephone Solutions

We all know that starting up a small business can be difficult and at first, will require a lot of time on the phone. From building customer relations and keeping up with existing client’s needs, the majority of your time could be spent on the phone, pulling you away from pressing matters. That is why our Netcall telephone solutions could benefit your business. There are many problems that small businesses have to contend with, all of which impact the answering of calls. Problems such as:

  • Days of due to sickness or holiday
  • Receiving multiple calls at once
  • In a meeting and unable to take calls
  • Working on a job

Each of these problems can result in customer calls being missed, and a subsequent loss of business. By hiring us to help, we can handle your calls for you, all at reasonable prices, meaning you can carry on with your work without worrying about missed calls.

As your campaign progresses, our media response solutions will ensure that you receive steady feedback so you can decide on the best way to move forward. As all the information we gather will be directly forwarded to the manager of your company,

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The Benefits of Netcall Telephone Solutions

There are so many benefits to hiring us to handle your incoming calls with our media response solutions. When you use a company like ours to receive your calls, you are able to focus on the core of your business. Spending all your time on the phone can have a notable impact on your business, so while we’re handling your calls, you can work on the growth of your company.

Additionally, when you answer the calls yourself, you are limited as to when you can answer. If you are in a meeting, busy working on a job, or even when you’re sleeping at night, you can’t answer. With our 24/7, 365 days a year UK based media response solutions, your customers can have their calls received and enquiries answered any time of day or night.

Another benefit to our media response solutions is the image of professionalism our call handling services conveys. When a customer calls your company and it is answered quickly and efficiently by our team, it projects business growth and success. This shows your customers that you are proficient in meeting their needs and reassures their need for peace of mind. It also means that your customers will never be subjected to answering machines, which can push customers away.

Netcall telephone solutions are highly competitively priced in comparison to other services in the market. We will tailor your package to your business, ensuring it is within your budget and you won’t be paying for services you don’t use. There are no monthly fees with us and you are always in charge of your package, meaning you choose when and how we answer your calls. Being in charge also means you can cancel your package at any time.


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