24 Hour Telephone Answering Services

If you’re looking for one of the best 24-hour telephone answering services on the market, you need to look no further than Netcall Solutions. With our team of highly-skilled, experienced UK operatives taking care of your every need, you won’t ever have to worry about missing that all-important business call again. With flexible plans to suit all needs, requirements and budgets, you have nothing to lose by getting in touch. Get in contact with our distinguished and professional team today by calling us on 08008 404 111 to find out more and discuss your bespoke package options.

Why should you invest in our 24-hour telephone answering service?

As one of the leading suppliers of 24-hour telephone answering services in the UK, we are a reputed, highly sought-after company that provides first-class virtual office solutions. With our all-encompassing expertise and a plethora of experience supplying companies from all over the country, large or small, trade or corporate, we’ll help to make sure your office runs smoothly, 24 hours a day.

All of our experienced and courteous call handlers have previously held receptionist or PA positions, so you can be entirely confident that they will handle your calls with the utmost care and professionalism. Regardless of whether it is a sales call or an important business opportunity, you can rely on our UK operatives to integrate seamlessly into the day to day life of your business. We’ll take the time to find out about the specific needs of your business, then recommend your bespoke package accordingly.

For those of you who are wondering whether our 24-hour telephone answering services are worth the investment, we’ve decided to list a few of the main benefits for you below, to help with your decision-making process.

UK-based telephone operators

Flexible service

Messages taken 7 days a week

No monthly fee

Quick and easy set up

Saved money on telephone costs

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The greatest benefit of all is that you can have all of the above with no monthly contract. That means you’re free to chop and change your package in line with your needs or cancel it if you no longer require our state-of-the-art 24-hour telephone answering service.

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Discover more about our 24-hour telephone answering services

Overflow Call Handling

Whether your lines are busy, unattended or you simply want to conduct a staff meeting or training without being disturbed, our renowned overflow call handling services have got you covered. If you don’t have the staff capacity to handle the number of calls you’re receiving, our team of call handlers can help you with our flexible 24-hour telephone answering service. As part of our 24-hour telephone answering services, we provide overflow call handling, so you can be certain that there will always be someone on the end of the line to manage your calls no matter the hours your business operates.

Message Taking

If you know you have a busy day ahead that is full of meetings, then why not consider our 24-hour telephone answering services, namely our message taking facility. We specialise in providing a first-class, competitively priced message taking service that is included within our 24-hour telephone answering service. As an effective way to provide consistent customer service excellence, our message taking services make sure that your callers feel like their call matters to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll promptly and efficiently relay your messages back to you as often as agreed through your preferred medium so you can keep up to date.

Emergency Response and Escalation

In the modern day, it is commonplace for businesses to operate a 24-hour emergency response line. With our 24-hour telephone answering services, you can be sure that there will always be someone there to take these emergency calls without you having to be unnecessarily woken. Our experienced UK call handlers will take the calls on your behalf and relay these messages at a convenient time for you, through your preferred medium.

Temporary Cover

With our 24-hour telephone answering services, you no longer need to worry about missing important phone calls if a colleague phone is off or if they are planning an extended leave. Our temporary cover is often cheaper and less hassle than finding and paying for a temporary member of staff.

Media Response

If you’re just about to drop a big PR campaign, prepare yourself for the increase in phone calls with our 24-hour telephone answering service. Our professional and expertly trained media response call handlers will provide callers with the appropriate response in line with the focus of their enquiry in a professional, friendly and courteous manner.

24 hour telephone answering services

We have been providing exceptional and comprehensive virtual office and call handling solutions to businesses up and down the country for well over 10 years now. Over our years of dependable and loyal service, we have amassed a distinguished reputation for providing second-to-none services that are competitively priced.

We guarantee you that our 24-hour telephone answering services will fully integrate with your business, so your callers benefit from a seamless experience from start to finish. We do this by liaising with you to agree on appropriate greetings, actions and follow-ups.

Another reason why you would regret not investing in our well-established and sought after call answering services is that you can switch our services on and off as easily as a press of a button. Once your package has been finalised, our advisors will provide you with simple instructions on how to set up the divert option on your business phone.

All of your calls are answered here in our UK based call centres by experienced and friendly call handlers who speak English with native fluency. This way we ensure your important callers aren’t met with crackled phone lines and miscommunication.

We believe that we offer businesses the best 24-hour telephone answering services on the market currently because we give you:

  • Superior support when you need it
  • Options based on your needs and the industry
  • Seamless and efficient service based on your requirements
  • A worthwhile service from which you will reap the benefits

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A few reasons why more people are choosing Netcall Solutions to handle their telephone answering needs.

We work 24 / 7 / 365

You have live call answering service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

No Monthly fee to pay

Plus, a quick and simple call handling set-up service… you can be live within 24 hours!

We’re UK based

Highly trained UK based operators will take your messages …no overseas call centres used!

You’re in control

We have flexible call answering plans to suit every budget and you can change it whenever you like