10 Reasons Why You Need a Telephone Answering Service

10 Reasons Why You Need a Telephone Answering Service

If you are the owner or representative of a company who is currently contemplating enlisting the help of a professional telephone answering service like Netcall Solutions then you have come to the right place. Please keep reading for the top ten reasons why you need a telephone answering service.

Reason #1: You Will Never Miss a Phone Call

10 Reasons Why You Need a Telephone Answering Service

Regardless of whether you are representing a large corporation who gets a large number of incoming calls every day and is looking for overflow call handling or a smaller business without a dedicated receptionist, our operators will ensure that no opportunity is ever lost because no one was there to speak to the customer.

Reason #2: Messages Will Be Taken Even While Your Business is Closed

Here at Netcall Solutions, our telephone answering service will be available to your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can rest assured knowing that someone will always be ready to speak to your clients and if unable to immediately assist, take down all of their details to arrange for a callback from you as soon as possible.

Reason #3: Your Calls Will Be Answered by Trained Professionals with Fantastic Phone Manner

All the operators at Netcall Solutions possess many years of experience and an unparalleled phone manner with clear diction and an extremely polite tone. Your customers will have no idea that the person answering your calls isn’t actually based in the same building as you.

Reason #4: No Monthly Fees

Every price package created by Netcall Solutions is tailored to the customer’s exact budget and requirements which means that you only pay for the telephone answering service you have specifically requested with no monthly fees or hidden extras to worry about.

Reason #5: Significant Savings on Set-Up

Setting up a dedicated reception area and multifaceted phone line can be a costly undertaking. This is especially true for new businesses who might not have a lot of available space and could use the funds better in a different category. Our telephone answering service takes care of all of that.

Reason #6: Added Level of Professionalism for Small Businesses

Having a Netcall Solutions professional answer your calls can create the illusion of size which is important for new businesses and smaller companies to come across as more legitimate when they are first starting out and don’t have all the professional facilities and luxuries available to them just yet.

Reason #7: Hassle-Free Maternity and Holiday Cover

Even if you do have a dedicated receptionist, finding temporary cover for call handling can be a frustrating and costly process. When you enlist the help of Netcall Solutions, we will take over from your operator for however long you need – from a simple one week holiday to a longer maternity leave.

Reason #8: UK Based Operators

Each and every operator working at Netcall Solutions is a highly trained professional working in the United Kingdom. All of our employees have an outstanding phone manner and are also fast learners who will be able to understand the nature and intricacies of your business perfectly before going live.

Reason #9: Emergency Escalation

When it comes to emergency response and escalation, the Netcall Solutions team is specially trained to recognise calls that need to be escalated and passed onto the relevant person without any delay.

Reason #10: Cancel Anytime

You will always be in full control with a Netcall Solutions telephone answering service. We do not charge our customers any monthly or extra fees and you are more than welcome to change your service whenever you like.